Peer Compare Online

Welcome to 11+ Peer Compare

An innovative and unique service to parents to accompany the First Past the Post® series of 11 plus practice materials created by Eleven Plus Exams. The system lets you compare your child’s test scores against their peers, receive reports to highlight your child’s strengths and weakness by topic and more.

The service is available for all First Past the Post® series titles - the Test Paper packs in all four subjects (Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning) and the 11+ Essentials range which provides suitable practice for the CEM, University of Durham 11 Plus exams (Cloze Books, 3-Dimensional Non-verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Short Numerical Reasoning, Comprehensions and Mental Arithmetic).  Each publication has a 16 digit code number giving exclusive access FREE to those who have purchased these titles. These titles can be found on our online shop here